Britnie Banks is a Los Angeles based actor, producer, and lover of all things truth + possibility.

She grew up in Florida, which is where she first dipped her toe into the improv pool as she was in desperate need of an outlet to laugh and free her soul.

With her keen sensibilities to find the awkward pauses in all kinds of situations and make them more awkward, and a birth given quick wit rolled out in a sassy twang, combined with this new thing called ‘game’ led her straight to LA where she began studying at Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City.

Britnie expanded her theatrical and commercial acting studies and quickly began adding to her resume, when she soon realized a second love: producing. She began working at Come What May Productions and founded B Truth Productions and is committed to bringing a light to stories that offer up opportunities to open conversations.

Growing up with 4 -ish (long story) older brothers, Britnie, though she is petite, is one strong, kicka** female (just ask them), layered underneath a loving sensitive soul; akin to Kristen Bell crying in joy at a sloth coming to her birthday party…

Which can be viewed here – all the feels!