RoomRunner Music Video

When moving out to LA and entering the world of acting and ‘the industry’, I was given a lot of advice. One common element to this advice was to ‘mingle and meet anyone and everyone that you possibly can’, because you never know who will open that door to make you the next ‘big thing’! (No, thank you.) Fast forward to me actually living in LA and finding out that ‘mingling’ meant going out to bars every night and lying to get where you thought you needed to go…

I did the exact opposite to any of that advice. I didn’t meet a lot of people, mostly because I was working, or if I did meet people I found it irritating to talk to a lot of them. (I know I sound snobby, but you try to have a normal conversation with people who are just looking to have sex to numb out their world, or looking to use you for the ‘connections’ you’re most likely lying about anyway.)

Everyone’s path is different and difficult in their own ways, so who knows which path is the right or wrong, I’m just happy I’m moving forward and continue to grow.

And after a looooong adjustment period in LA, I finally found people that I connected with.

These people that I spend the majority of my time with aren’t my best friends, but I trust them with my life, and that’s huge for me. When you surround yourself with like-minded people, there’s a greater chance that they’re practicing that as well, so when they introduce you to new people it’s more likely for that relationship to blossom into something full of high-5’s and belly laughs.

I’m a village person. I don’t know what my job would be if I were to have my own village, but I am building my village of amazing people that I trust and I’d rather have that than a city with the only three residents of myself, V and my pup.

I was able to work on a music video for RoomRunner this past week, and this was a project that I just had to say yes to. An acquaintance was in desperate need of some help, and I jumped in and said yes to the opportunity, and it was a blast. From the outside, or to most of the people that were at the shoot, it was probably like any other day on set. To me, jumping in blind was a practice to watch myself grow and it was so fun to sit back, in an out-of-body-experience type of way, and see my roots grow deeper into the earth and enjoy myself.



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