Kamp Transcendance Pilot

I have a love-hate relationship with the production side of the industry. However, I’ve been lucky to have plenty of opportunities to learn various aspects behind the camera that make film making go smoothly, all of which, I think, actors should learn the basics of at some point in their career. It is like saying everyone should be a waiter at least once in their lives; the experience changes you and makes you appreciate things that you normally wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at if you hadn’t. Last week I was able to dabble with lighting and, to toot my own horn, the footage came out BEAUTIFUL! Controlling the light when filming outside and working with natures elements was terrifying, but little ‘ol me through up some bounce there, and added filters here, and manhandled some c-stands like the best of them.

I have an amazing group of people around me that love to create things, and the more I allow myself to say yes, the more I am gifting myself the opportunity to create and to learn and to grow. It is so fun!

Kamp Transcendence is a series that was thought up last year while a group of us were in Bali, and it’s finally flourishing to be shared with the world. Woot Woot!

Just say yes!



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