Tirtayatra (1)

At 22 years old, I am so blessed to have been able to gift myself with a second life changing trip to Indonesia. This trip is not like the last- they are both two different, amazing entities entirely. This trip to Bali has taken my breath away, and given me a new way to breath, to think (or not), to be, to love myself and other, to live.

A small group of us were able to get to Bali a day early.

My last trip can be enjoyed through pictures here:
Om Swastiastu (1), Om Swastiastu (2), Om Swastiastu (3)

I can’t say it enough, these are pictures of my family and our growth. Some of the pictures are not understandable to an eye that hasn’t experienced it, and that’s ok. I just ask that you are in joy as you enjoy the happiness and love expressed through our experiences.


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