YUM! Pizza Cookery

Monday night is usually date night for V and I, and that means food!

We were craving Vietnamese food, but our vegan Vietnamese place was closed =(

That’s when V took advantage of not having vegan food, and he raced over to Ventura looking for pizza.

Surprisingly, they had a vegan and gluten free menu, not something we were looking for but it’s always nice to know about.

We were ravenous and needed something to eat right away so we started with some cheese and garlic rolls. These were intense, yummy and warm, but very garlic-y.

I had a veggie pizza with my choice of veggies and added tofu chicken with chilli flakes, and it was delicious. Holy cow, so good! I wasn’t even going to document this restaurant until I picked up a massive slice and the crust held it up without bending!

V had a meat lovers pizza, and his only ‘complaint’ was there wasn’t enough bacon on it. I’m pretty sure he was just joking. There was so much meat on that pizza that there is no way he could tell what was bacon and what wasn’t.

Here’s the restaurant’s website if you’re interested in some yumminess!



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