Yum! Real Food Daily.

Tonight was the first ‘girl’ night that I’ve had in a long time in California. I don’t know about a lot of yummy places to eat, especially in Santa Monica, so when a friend suggested that we go to RFD (Real Food Daily), because it was oh-so scrumptious, I jumped on it. I love new places to eat (when they aren’t Chinese or Japanese food), and this restaurant is vegan, so that’s makes it even better!

Yes, when some mention vegan restaurant I do get a little nervous because not all vegan food is delicious- this is only because it’s not prepared properly, but this place has it down.

I was too enthralled with the night that I forgot to take pictures, but you get it… so good!


I started with the soup of the day. It was something with coconut and corn, and it was delicious. I could have just eaten this all night- there was a hint of something spicy; it was creamy, with just the right amount of corn bits floating around. Yum!

For dinner I had the spicy BLT. I didn’t notice anything spicy about it, but I didn’t mind too much. I was so hungry that I couldn’t care. I devoured every bite. Their menu is online, so you can go drool over it if you want too.

They aren’t way, over the top expensive, but I can see it being just a tad over priced. The food was excellent though.

Let your taste buds enjoy!



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