Tunes! Little Dragon

My weekend isn’t the ‘normal’. Mine starts and ends on Thursday. This is usually the only day that I don’t have ‘school’ or work, but when Friday comes I am trying to find new artists to listen to, to keep each week a little different and expand my music mind. I usually listen to the same stuff over and over and over again until I wear the heck out of the CD, but now I’m very much changing it up. I love music; I didn’t get the musician gene like my brothers, but my ears still love to hear it and my body loves to feel it, and I am up for a little bit of anything. This week it’s Little Dragon. I’ve been obsessing over them and the whole Little Dragon Pandora station. It is just a yummy, groovy station that makes doing anything more fun.

Soooo fun. Watch After the Rain here.

xoxo – Britnie


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