Dogs with clothes?

I never thought I’d buy my dog clothes. Actually, I never thought I would own a dog smaller than 40lbs either, but in the many changes V and I have gone through in the past couple of months one of the fuzziest has been Chico. We adopted him from V’s mom, and now I am in love.


chico approved new house

Chico in a box

chico going to home depot 2



AFTER: !!!!


This wasn’t really my idea, but I did have to agree to it. The little guy looked so cold on our nightly walks. I have no idea if it helps him, or even if he notices/cares, but man, how could such a stupid thing make him look a million times more adorable than he already does?

This was definitely the one and only piece of clothing though… =)

Do people really buy their dogs wardrobes?



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