To Want

Day one of 2013- I watch Flashdance and think, ‘man, it would not suck if I were not sick right now’ (double negatives, yep). I want to not be sick, now and forever. A sore throat, stuffy nose, head exploding, loss of voice- all would not be missed if I never had to deal with them again… ever. So is that my resolution for the new year? I resolve to take care of myself and to never come in contact with bacteria and germs for one whole year so I won’t become sick. Ok, check!

This is where I sing Barney’s ‘shimmery-shimmerah-shimmery-shimmeraaaah’ song while closing my eyes (thanks to my wonderful niece) and skip to 2014 and hate myself because for three days during the summer I ordered takeout (Thai- in case you were wondering) and came down with food poisoning. Now my resolution is blown. Dawgonit! Better luck next year.

Luna 2013 swimming 2.2

A resolution is just a want. A want is just a thought of  ‘life would be better if only…’. What if you just take want out of the equation? Just do it. Yeah, simple. Get off my butt and exercise (I want to exercise). Ok, so do it. Don’t think about it, do it. It wouldn’t suck if I were not sick right now (I want to not be sick). Yes, ok, you can’t snap your fingers and then allow the mucus in your nose to come streaming out to allow you to breath again. You can, however, be ok with not feeling ok [change your state of mind new-agey (whatever that means) people love to say], and become honest with whatever crap you have going on in your life that you’re too afraid to look at, and be ok with that crap too!

The new year, which I thought globally we all agreed it was December 22nd for now on (or 23rd- I was confused with this whole Mayan thing anyway), doesn’t magically wash away your past and promises you rainbows for the future (did you forget how the last however many years of your life started?). Things are always going to suck the more you want them to be different. If you’re not ok with how your life is going, or you don’t take an action to make it different nothing is going to change. It’s you’re life, enjoy the good days and the bad. You’re never going to get it back again. It’s an once in a lifetime day.

I am far from perfect at any of this practice, but I do take a step closer towards it every day, so that’s pretty cool!

It’s not a new year; it’s a new day.

Thank you to Candace Silvers for this wonderful year of expanding.



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