Yum! (… maybe not so yum)

I’ve been holding out on my Thai food adventure posts. Life was a little bumpy there for a moment, but that wave is over, so hopefully I can get my brain in order and get back on track.

The first place I have to tell you about was a mistake walk-in. We were looking for a Thai restaurant that was recommended to us, and we thought we had found it… turns out we were wrong. We ended up at In-Chan– a hole-in-the-wall in Van Nuys. It’s sad, because I am just now looking at the yelp page and everyone’s experience seems to be wonderful. Maybe we came on an off day?

We walked in thinking that this was the place that was recommended to us, but shortly found out that it wasn’t… or at least hoped it wasn’t. Our noodles weren’t cooked enough; the waiter wouldn’t talk to me or answer questions with more than one word; and while we were eating he was behind the counter watching cartoons. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. They didn’t even offer chop sticks =( . On Yelp, I saw pictures of an awesome menu with Thai writing and English explanations- I’m not sure if these weren’t handed out on purpose or if they don’t have them anymore, but I would’ve liked to have read them rather than the Americanized version. I did, however, really enjoy the yellow walls and artwork!


There are two rows of buildings… we stopped at the first one and found In-Chan, but apparently we were suppose to go to the second row of buildings to find Kinnara, which was what we were recommended. This place is very sleek and modern, and my favorite part was the ‘happy hours’ sign in the front. Why do we call it happy hour if there’s more than one hour of ‘happy’ priced drinking? I think Kinnara is on to something =) .

This is definitely more of a dinner restaurant compared to In-Chan. The inside was nice, and I LOVED how they served their Oolong tea, but other than that I was still wishing I was at Kao Cafe. I have Thai rice noodles at home, but I haven’t been able to cook them correctly, so I thought I’d order them to see how the professionals did it. Now, I do understand that there can be more than one type of rice noodle in the world, but when the description is ‘from North East Thailand’ I’m thinking that they shouldn’t taste like Chinese buffet angel hair pasta noodles with a peanut sauce mixed in. I’m not a connoisseur of Thai food (NOT EVEN CLOSE), I just like consuming it, but by google searching Karat noodle the results do not show what I was eating.


Sadly, the Thai iced tea wasn’t good either… too much cream.

Double poop.

My stomach is now grumbling from talking about all of this deliciousness.

-B (and V for his input on the food as well)!


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