Om Swastiastu (2)

My last Om Swastiastu post was on the monkeys- which can be read/seen here– and they had a huge part in dropping me out of me reality while I was there. Walking through a forest of monkeys, or shopping on the streets and having one pulling at your dress, really makes you question why you sit in traffic for three hours a day or do whatever mundane things you do to try to occupy your mind to forget about life. My experiences in Indonesia are hard to speak about; words are so silly to try to explain something so unworldly and extraordinary, but I need to show you the wedding. This moment of pure love changed my life completely.

As mentioned, these are pictures of my family and our growth. Some of the pictures are not understandable to an eye that hasn’t experienced it, and that’s ok. I just ask that you are in joy as you enjoy the happiness and love expressed through our experiences.



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