Real Life Reel Life : The Amazing Spiderman-Man

While studying with CS for the last year or so I’ve come to learn the difference, well actually no difference, between my r.e.a.l life and myr.e.e.l life, and how one will affect the other. Through her work, I also see my real life and reel life in very new lights, but it’s always a practice, but a practice that I enjoy no matter how butt-kicking.

One step in this practice is to see a script/movie for what the writer intended, rather than with my opinions or the opinions of the actors/directors/producers…  This is where everyone I love stops watching movies with me because I ruin them at the end when we grab coffee (tea!) to ‘discuss’ what we’ve just watched. Hopefully these Real Life Reel Life posts will turn into discussions with people on here.

This is not an opinion- if it were, mine are all crap anyway.

This is merely what I saw, or didn’t see, in the film.

Others could see something different.

There is no judgement on anyone who worked on the film, what-so-ever.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong.

‘There’s only one theme in story writing-the Who Am I.’

Yes, there are places were actors weren’t connected, but in the long run the sentence above makes this movie amazing.


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