Real Life Reel Life : Snow White and The Huntsman

While studying with CS for the last 10 months or so I’ve come to learn the difference, well actually no difference, between my r.e.a.l life and myr.e.e.l life, and how one will affect the other. Through her work, I also see my real life and reel life in very new lights, but it’s always a practice, but a practice that I enjoy no matter how butt-kicking.

One step in this practice is to see a script/movie for what the writer intended, rather than with my opinions or the opinions of the actors/directors/producers…  This is where everyone I love stops watching movies with me because I ruin them at the end when we grab coffee (tea!) to ‘discuss’ what we’ve just watched. Hopefully these Real Life Reel Life posts will turn into discussions with people on here.

This is not an opinion- if it were, mine are all crap anyway.

This is merely what I saw, or didn’t see, in the film.

Others could see something different.

There is no judgement on anyone who worked on the film, what-so-ever.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong.

To be honest- I don’t know where to start. Any movie with a ‘fairy tail’ layer to them such as Snow White and the Huntsman or any superhero movie, I have a hard time analyzing. So my head is going crazy trying to use the tools that I’ve learned from CS in a useful way that helps me grow. That’s always the goal- making everything I see and hear useful for myself or else it’s just a waste of time and mental space.

The movie as a whole was entertaining. It has the essence of the Snow White that we know from Disney, but it is a little darker which is good for those older than 14.

Kristen Stewart plays plays Snow White and the evil step mother is played by Charlize Theron. It was great to see Kristen Stewart out of the victim role and find herself as a confident woman. By seeing this movie and the previews for the newest Twilight movie, I can really see that something has shifted in her. It’s really awesome to see, especially since she get’s a bad rap a lot of the time.

Now, the relationship between Kristen and Charlize was missing something for me; between both of them, not just from one towards the other. I didn’t see them knowing who they were talking to, at all. Charlize’s performance was so awesome,  but I only saw a performance rather than true human behavior. The substitution for Kristen wasn’t someone Charlize was really scared of; she wasn’t someone who could take Charlize’s life away from her- it wasn’t real to me. The same thing for Kirsten’s substitution for Charlize. I’m not saying that I know what these two actresses were doing/thinking/whatever-I just believe their substitutions were off.

Chris Hemsworth… wow. I was told this guy was someone to look out for, but man, he blew me away. I saw The Avengers, but like I said before it’s really hard for me to analyze superhero movies. Like his character The Huntsman, Chris carried this film and it was amazing to see. He knew that Kristen was the love of his life. He knew his obstacle. He knew his “get-him-to’s”, to make the story go the opposite way of his obstacle (CS’ tools all put to work). You don’t see a lot of men carry themselves so well, and that’s why seeing Chris Hemsworth on screen is so breath taking- it’s just him.

Again, substitution for Kristen of Chris was off, which made the relationship miss a layer. A layer, in my (worthless) opinion would have helped us in keeping up with the story and Kristen’s character of being a strong, independent woman saving her kingdom with the love of her life.

I have to throw in here Sam Claflin. He played the best friend of Snow White who had to leave her when they were children. He then came back to find her when he found out she was still alive. By what I can remember I liked him, other than that I think the writers idea of him was better on the paper. I feel like his story kind of dropped off and his character was more filler… Kinda sucks because he’s a good looking chap I’d like to watch on the big screen!

It’s a movie that boys will like because it’s not a ‘chick flick’ and the fight scenes are actually pretty cool.

Annnd, yeah… this one threw me for a loop.




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