Real Life Reel Life : The Lucky One

While studying with CS for the last 8 months or so I’ve come to learn the difference, well actually no difference, between my r.e.a.l life and my r.e.e.l life, and how one will affect the other. Through her work, I also see my real life and reel life in very new lights, but it’s always a practice, but a practice that I enjoy no matter how butt-kicking.

One step in this practice is to see a script/movie for what the writer intended, rather than with my opinions or the opinions of the actors/directors/producers…  This is where everyone I love stops watching movies with me because I ruin them at the end when we grab coffee (tea!) to ‘discuss’ what we’ve just watched. Hopefully these Real Life Reel Life posts will turn into discussions with people on here.

This is not an opinion- if it were, mine are all crap anyway.

This is merely what I saw, or didn’t see, in the film.

Others could see something different.

There is no judgement on anyone who worked on the film, what-so-ever.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong.

I saw The Lucky One. I’m a sucker for romantic films, as like most females, but this one I had high hopes for because some were saying it was the next best Nicholas Sparks film since The Notebook. The reason I loved The Notebook so much was because it’s life imitating art, or art imitating life (REAL = REEL). There were two people falling in love on screen and off, and the director was smart enough to catch it on film. The Lucky One was not as lucky.

Oh, first off, Zac Efron plays the main guy, a marine. Taylor Schilling plays the love interest; she has a son from a previous marriage. Blythe Danner plays the grandma to Taylor Schilling’s character. Yay, introductions!

Before seeing the film, I read that Zac had gone and talked with marines and studied them, and I assume went through a lot of training. I could see that (not only in his acting, but he was looking very good as well). The thing I didn’t see was the emotional, visceral connection to Zac’s life and the most important thing that he’s lost or could lose, whatever that could be, that his character had to being a marine. There was a connection to the marines he talked to or heard about, but it didn’t seem like there was a connection as if Zac Efron had actually been a marine, and had lost a friend, and had shot a man. If there were- it would had been another layer added onto his character that could have brought out a little bit more.

The whole story line is beautiful. The trailer sums it all up, and I fell in love with the whole idea before the movie was even out. I was very excited to see Taylor Schilling just because I didn’t know of her, and I was happy for her! It seemed as if Zac and Taylor’s relationship together missed a bit. I don’t think either of them had the loves of their life over there like the characters did. There was chemistry, obviously lots of it in the sex scenes, but it didn’t seem as if the two knew the other person was the love of their life and that they couldn’t live without them. Just another layer that I think was missed out on.

Zac’s interaction with the young boy, in my stupid opinion, was amazing. Zac knew that the little boy was his little brother, or nephew, or someone who looked up to him. Zac had that connection, and that connection was brought through on film between the two characters and it was great to see.

The connection between Taylor and Blythe was the same thing. They both knew who they were talking to.

There are a couple other relationships that I could go through, but it’s not necessary to get the idea of the movie across.

Whenever I saw Zac’s character and his dog Zeus together, I pretty much cracked a tear.

Ugh, I love dog and human relationships.

Everyone loves a good love story, and this is it.



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