DIY an outside table.

I’m excited that spring is here! I’ve been in a DIY mood lately, and I think that’s due to me moving into a new place and seeing all of the possibilities =) . My boyfriend and I are pretty handy with timber and screws. In our last house we built a counter top and shelving for our little studio apartment, which gave us a lot of confidence for our next project, a bookcase. Now we’re moving onto tackling an outdoor seating area. We salvaged a pallet off of the side of the road which we’re planning on using as a coffee table.

1. We took off the bottom of the pallet.

(It’s not the easiest job because of the stupid nails put in with a nail gun.)

2. We laid out where we wanted the legs, which we made out of the better part of the bottom of the pallet.

3. The legs were attached with screws (3 per leg).

4. Paint! Our color is Revival Mahogany by Behr.

(I tied a string around the can to wipe off excess paint. Pinterest said to use a rubber band, but I this was all I had… I probably won’t do it again.)



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