I haven’t been a huge fan of Korean food in that past, but I was willing to give it another try when we were driving through Koreatown. We then realized that everything was written with Hangeul and it was too hard to make a decision. I haven’t found much trouble going to new restaurants being a vegetarian, but going to a restaurant where I need the menu read to me is another story. Maybe next time I’ll ask a friend who’s more familiar with Korean food to come with me.

We ended up finding a Thai restaurant (yep, in Koreatown!) and it was sooooooo delicious. The waitresses were dressed like cowgirls, so that was odd, but the band was singing pop hits in English and Thai. It was perfect.

I actually can’t remember what I ordered, other than a Thai iced tea.

=)   Go out and enjoy some spice in your life.


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