There’s no snow in Florida.

My family is not perfect (not even close), but for some reason they’re the only ones that can re-charge my battery after six months in LA; although, after two weeks I’m content on leaving again.

The weather was beautiful. I left LA all bundled up in my winter clothes, and I got off the plane in Florida sweating and reaching for shorts and a t-shirt the next day. I like when winter is cold, but it was refreshing to go home and it be exactly how I left it, warm and lots of sunshine.

Sadly, we opted for our first fake tree ever. I got home and there wasn’t one Christmas decoration up; decorating then became my job. A week before Christmas and I’m trying to find the stockings and lights and garland to make the house look somewhat presentable. We had a new addition this year, so the grandparents’ fake-shorty tree was perfect on top of our coffee table so little hands couldn’t reach any of the ornaments.

It was perfect.

Happy Holidays!



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