Thanksgiving with a Latino family is exactly how you think it would be. There are the staples: rice, beans, tamales… and if they’re really going for it, there might be a salad. This year I pushed and pushed for a more ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving, but they weren’t having it. They told me that some years they would have a turkey or a ham, but that it’s too much work to make it (isn’t that the point??!) When the day came around, I had already made up my mind to shove a Southern-style Thanksgiving down their throats as best as I could (me being a vegetarian, and all). I made the cornbread stuffing and the green bean casserole (added broccoli, cheese, and mushrooms- yum!). Everything was sooo delicious, but I’m biased. My boyfriend is use to food-other-than-Mexican now, so he enjoyed it, but that was it. The whole family chose the cooked goat and the misplaced teriyaki chicken over my two dishes. Spectacular. They must have thought the white girl was trying to poison them. A positive note coming out of this- I had a lot of yummy leftovers.

Can you spot the tortillas? (Yes, they do make rice taste better)


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