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When I first decided that I wanted to be an actor- when I decided that it was time to take this seriously and that this was now my profession, I had to figure out where to start. This purged millions of other questions, but the main was one, “how do I get auditions?” I was living in Florida at this time, and I had only done a couple plays- plays where I didn’t even have to audition to get the part, I just showed up. (YAY!) I also had only been on one audition, and I found out about it from a flyer in college. During this process, the internet became my best friend. There are so many outlets for actors online to get auditions, ask questions, and get advice that weren’t really available just a couple of years ago.

Two of my main acting accomplices are LA Casting and Actors Access. These websites get the auditions into the actors laps, and also your face in front of casting directors and directors! There are a couple other sites out there, but these are the two that I have gotten the most work from. You can see breakdowns for hundreds of different projects every day, but what’s awesome is that the breakdowns you see are specifically for your ‘type’. In Actors Access, you kind of have to search through all the breakdowns which is annoying and time consuming, but it is still my favorite site (I don’t know why). LA Casting filters the breakdowns for you so you only see auditions that you actually have a chance of getting. If you’re a 140lb female with red hair and you’re Asian, you’re not going to see breakdowns for a 6’3″ black man. LA Casting is specifically for Los Angeles, but Actors Access isn’t! They have auditions all over the US- just pick your region. This was great for me when I was living in Florida.

It’s not really pumpkin time anymore, but I thought I would share.

Now that I live in Los Angeles without an agent, I am going on 3-7 auditions a week if I’m submitting myself continually. Many people say you need to get an agent as soon as possible, but it didn’t feel right when I first got here, plus some of the auditions I go on are some of the same auditions that people with agents are going on too, like Nike! (Representation is a whooooolllleee other post just on it’s own.)

IMDB (pro) and Backstage are also great resources. IMDB is a website that you can go to check out an actors ‘resume’ of sorts. If you pay for the Pro version you can see their contact information, agents’ contact information, managers’ contact information, EVERYONE’S contact information! You can also see a list of different movies that are in production/development/filming and other stages- just to name a few cool things. I like it because it’s like I’m behind the scenes, and I get to see a lot of the things that ‘normal’ people don’t get to see. For me, I like to check out other actors who are similar to my ‘type’ and see what projects they’ve worked on, who those casting directors were for that project, and other little details that I like to keep in the back of my head that are important for when I’m looking at breakdowns and going on submissions. I use Backstage for the message boards, mainly. I used this a lot in the beginning just so I could see what other actors were saying about different aspects of the business. There’s also a ‘Secret Agent Man’ board, where an agent in Hollywood answers your questions. It’s interesting to get the perspective from someone you hope to potentially audition for one day and who has a lot of knowledge about the in’s and out’s in LA and even New York.


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