One zoo is not like the other.

I had a semi-rant written about the San Diego Zoo, but while I was looking through the photos I was reminiscing on all the memories I had with my mom that day and didn’t want to scar them with 100 words explaining why the San Diego Zoo was such a let down.

I’m a zoo person. I am not one who goes to Sea World to watch the whales swim in circles and jump for food. It’s just not entertaining to me- more heartbreaking if I’m being honest. I do, however, enjoy the zoo. I like to see the differences from one zoo to the next, and based on the hype the San Diego Zoo has gotten I was expecting to get my socks blown off.

Sadly, it wasn’t up to par with our expectations.

                                             ——-> Mom! (the treetop escalator was cool)                     

My aunt came to visit last week and she suggested we go to the Safari Park in Escondido, CA (damn, another waste of time and money).

This park is what the name infers. It is a safari. We payed the $40 entry, and with that you can go on the tram around their whole park. They offer other packages where you can get closer to the animals, but I’ve already fed giraffes before and it wasn’t worth $80. A blue tongue IS just another blue tongue. The animals here have plains to run around; acres and acres for themselves. There aren’t cages holding them in, just well dug, empty motes to keep the predators from eating bystanders. Next trip we’re going to sleep out there!


(insert awkward petting zoo pose with fuzzy animal)

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, and zoos, for the most part, embody the love that most people share. The San Diego Safari Park (30 minutes outside of San Diego in Escondido) started out with the purpose of animal conservation, this is why they have the vast amount of open space for the animals to run around in. No, it wasn’t Africa, but it put a smile on my face.


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