Britnie Banks

A Los Angeles based creator.

Britnie Banks is committed to shining a light on stories that offer up opportunities to open conversations. Whether that is through acting, writing, producing, or even doodling, Britnie understands how the art of storytelling not only inspires but is a way to connect humanity on the deepest levels.

She’s a once clumsy gymnast from the swamps of Florida, who moved to L.A. to study improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City. Britnie found that her love for storytelling in front of the camera translated to behind it and started producing at Come What May Productions.

“Ya know, Britnie, you’re VERY funny. Your jokes are dry, your timing is spot on, and even though most of the time I don’t follow your A-C, I trust you.”
– Ex improv coach who was blacklisted from UCB

The only review of Britnie Banks to matter thus far is this very comprehensive character analysis on couchsurfing.com.

Her review was a sonnet.


Britnie Banks is the founder of B Truth Productions.

She also works at Come What May Productions.

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